Yoga Me Is Smarter Than The Average Me

Since last year, I have been taking yoga.   One organized class a week and DVDs (generally) 2 more times a week.

Last year I was looking for an exercise routine and I wanted something low impact.   I settled on yoga.  I didn’t realize that it would be as hard as it has been, but that difficulty has been a good thing.  It’s hard work that has brought me rewards.

Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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Jumping the Sharknado

So first things first.

The title of this post has probably been used elsewhere before.  There is no way I’m that original.  But I like it and I’m sticking with it, so deal.

Anyway, I was just reading this article: Has Sharknado Jumped the Shark? ‘Oh Hell No!’ Ratings Drop 31% But there will be a fourth installment

And I had a ready and simple response…Yes, it has.  Or course it has.   Why would you think anything else?

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Today: July 23, 2015

Today I am in the best emotional, mental, spiritual and physical shape that I have been in since Lisa died.   And while this could all change in a heartbeat and there are no guarantees it will stay this way, right now at this moment I am the best that I have been.

The journey isn’t over (and I don’t believe it ever will be), but it’s a much better trip than it has been.

I’ll take it.

The Broken Things

Curiously, I have an unplanned follow-up to yesterday’s post.  Had another moment where something Lisa gave to/shared with me said “goodbye”.

Many, many, many years ago Lisa gave me a money clip.  She gave it to me because it was a way of keeping me organized and she thought it was pretty.   If you know anything about Lisa, you know she was a function over form person so while the pretty was nice and she wanted it to be good looking…it was all about the organization.

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1 Nutter Sorta Talking About 3 Nutters Who Talk About Cars

Today, I am sitting in the big chair  (Lisa’s chair) and watching the last episode of Top Gear to feature Clarkson, Hammond and May. There is a certain finality to the way it’s presented as there is no audience in studio, and all of the studio bits feature only Hammond and May. And this makes me a bit sad. I’m going to miss this show as it was and while I might find myself watching what it will become, it won’t be the same.

But there’s more…

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costco combo

I Take You To All The Best Places…The Museum of my Mind.

So I have a date this Saturday.

We’re going shopping at Costco.

Don’t laugh.

Shopping can be a viable dating activity if you do it right, and as the person I am seeing is in the process of moving, it’s practical as well.

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How To Deal When Your Widowed Parent Starts Dating Again

Not my journey. But I can relate and I assume that many who knew and loved Lisa feel the same way about the fact that I am dating. I know this. The journey all of us are on is incredibly complicated. Everything we do creates ripples in the pond that just move outward. Remember that when you see people out here doing their thing. Just…remember that.

How To Deal When Your Widowed Parent Starts Dating Again

An Intersection and a Revelation or 3

So last night on The Book of Face, I posted a link to a story about Christopher Eccelston’s run on Doctor Who and I added this comment:

FYI – Lisa didn’t know anything about Doctor Who before Eccleston. But she saw the show with him and was hooked.

It took her a while to warm to Tennant, but she ended up loving him.

She died during Smith’s run and never warmed to him and so she never got to see Capaldi.

When I look back at he Tennant and Eccleston episodes (especially Eccleston) they are tinged with a little grief. I feel these with Eccleston’s more because I got to introduce the woman I love to something I loved and she ended up loving it too. And I can kind of feel that moment with every episode of his. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes. This widowhood thing is constantly filled with new revelations.

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Nothing Happens in a Vacuum

Last Wednesday I wrote about the 3rd anniversary of Lisa’s passing, what I did not write about is the compartmentalization required to make it through.

We all know that nothing happens in a vacuum, but it is one thing to know it and another thing to live it.

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The Day After…

I want to thank everyone for the outpourings of love and support I received yesterday and I wanted to thank everyone who did share and read 3 Years for doing so.

Yesterday, I took it easy, ate comfort food, found ways to entertain myself and generally focused on having an uplifting day rather than a sad one.

It mostly worked.   I was OK, except when I wasn’t.   That’s pretty much how it’s supposed to go I think.

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Lisa and I at a friend's wedding.

3 Years

3 years.   I can’t tell you that I hardly believe it, because that’s not true in any way shape or form.   I believe it totally.

3 years ago today was the worst day of my life.   As I have said before, “It is kind of weird to look back on your life and be able to pick out the worst day with absolute certainly.”

3 years ago today, my wife, best friend and tag team partner, Lisa-Karen Hawkins collapsed at home was taken to the hospital and never came home again.

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Hey Hon!

I discovered that 2 of the most powerful words in the English language (at least to me) are “Hey Hon!”   It is how Lisa used to capture my attention.  Sometimes she’d drop the “Hey” and it would just be “Hon”, but you get the drift.

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